Dent Repair Cornelius Oregon

Article provided by: Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

Dent Repair Cornelius Oregon

Dent repair is a common type of auto bodywork. There are many causes of car dents including collision and hailstones. At Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center, we understand how frustrating and annoying it can be to have a dent in your car. Do not delay your dent repair in Cornelius Oregon, call us the moment you see that dent on your vehicle.

Why is it important to repair dents early?

There are many reasons why you should avoid delaying dent repair in Cornelius Oregon. Your car risks getting rust spots due to delayed dent repair. Cracks and scratches caused by a dent allow water to enter the car body’s metallic part, which may lead to rusting.

Left unrepaired, the rust spots may expand and cause more damage that will be more expensive to repair in the end. Consider having our dent repair experts assess the damage and repair the dent straight away before rust can develop. It is much cheaper to repair the sooner than later.

Delayed dent repair can also damage your paintwork. Left unattended, cracks caused by dents are likely to begin flaking or peeling off. The damage on the paintwork may cause your car to appear faded or discolored, which affects the overall look of your vehicle. The dent repair experts at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center can repair the dents in your car quickly so that you can have your car back looking as good as new.

Dents can also lower the resale value of your car. While you may not want to sell your car now, it might be a consideration in the future. If our dent repair technicians handle your bodywork repair, your vehicle is likely to maintain good resale value.

What types of dents can be repaired?

Unless you are a professional auto repair technician, avoid trying to repair the dents in your car yourself because of the risk of causing further damage.

There are many types of dents that our technicians at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center can repair including car dings, round dents, and crease type dents. Smaller objects often cause car dings, which are minor dents that are relatively easier to repair because they do not cause extensive damage to the vehicle’s paintwork.

Round dents are often caused by round objects including hailstones, tennis balls and basketballs among others. On the other hand, crease type dents cause the car’s metal to bend and tear. Fortunately, we have been offering repairs for crease type dents and other types of dents for many years.

What do the auto body repair acronyms mean?

Auto repair technicians use a whole range of acronyms that many clients cannot just make out. Common acronyms used by auto repair technicians include DRP, FEA, LKQ, and R&I. When we hand out quotes to our clients, we always take the time to explain to them everything that comes with our services including the acronyms that our technicians use.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center is one of the premier dent repair shops in Cornelius, OR. Call us today for emergency dent repair services.


Dent Repair Cornelius Oregon
Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center
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