We have had two of them and they are/have been very reliable.

Bought a 96 Corolla in 97 with 32k miles on it. Sold it in 2010 with 257,500 miles. Only parts that needed repair/replacement were the starter and A/C. Yes, we replaced belts, hoses, plugs etc as part of regular maintenance. Even had original muffler when we sold it.

Currently have a 2012 Sienna with almost 100K on it. Only issue we have had was when a mouse chewed on some wires. Thinking about trading it for the AWD version, if we don’t trade it, we’ll probably drive it well past 200k.

I could say from my personal ownership experiences and by reading consumer reports that everything you possibly heard are true. With proper and timely servicing of the car these cars can cross the million mark in mileage. It’s also worth mentioning the service costs as they appear cheap especially if you have another German premium car. Toyota’s also tend to be easier to wash.

No one can testify more to it’s reliability more than the UN forces who use them in harsh weather conditions. The UN uses Land Cruisers in Africa to transport their delegates and fighters. There is an interesting piece from Top gear UK starring a Hilux being subjected to all sorts of extreme tests and the engine manages to run at the end of each test. The video is available on YouTube. They also came 2nd in a reliability survey this year behind it’s very own luxury brand called Lexus.

What About Accidents?

Well the U.S. Department of Transportation has finally gotten around to actually investigating all of the data recorders from the Toyota vehicles involved in the accidents.

So far, all of the findings have shown that every case has been driver error – where the driver had been mistakenly flooring the accelerator instead. However, this doesn’t prove Toyota innocent of the “sticky accelerators” and floor map trappings.

Honda Vs Toyota

I am a consumer who has owned both and does NOT have Honda tattooed on his chest. In my opinion, there is no comparison. For me, it’s the Toyota and not Honda.

I own minivans because of a disability that forces me to use a wheelchair. I looked at a new 2016 Honda Odyssey. I decided against purchasing it due to numerous complaints by current owners addressing such things as doing valve jobs on relatively new cars due to their lousy variable cylinder management system, complicated touch screens for radio, climate control and poor phone interface and Consumer Reports only giving them a middle of the road rating for reliability.

I’ve been driving a honda city AT for almost 7 years and have never faced any challenge whatsoever with the car. The only major expenses include Two sets of tyres, Insurance And fuel. The car has done over 110k and still drives like a dream.

Toyota on the other hand being twice as expensive feels like a premium car and is rock solid trouble free, worry free car. The biggest expense here was insurance. This one has done 25k and feels like We bought it yesterday.

However they use quite different hybrid approaches. Hybrids of Toyota more sophisticated, fuel efficient, though also more fragile and expensive. The technology build the way, where computer always switches moment on wheels between electric and conventional motor, depends on driving mode. It may drive on pure electric mode, when slow. They worth most, when drive primarily across the city.

The Toyota Camry

I had friends, a couple who owned a smaller Toyota which they relied on in graduate school, and which turned out to have a head gasket problem. They kept driving it, no problem. As a former motor officer I knew what that usually meant, and the fact that the engine kept running told me it was tough, tough, tough.

So I concluded that there is a difference between being a patriot and being a sucker. Oldsmobile was no longer reliable. I have never bought another GM automobile. Many other people must have had similar experiences because the Olds brand is no more. I have bought three Toyotas, inherited a Toyota (that I urged my late mother to buy), bought a Ford minivan, and am now driving a Subaru SUV while my wife drives a Toyota Camry. I don’t know what it would take for me to buy another GM car.

They are made in Alabama and Kentucky by American workers right here in the USA. They are built under incredibly high standards as Toyota is a company driven by quality. GM’s Pontiac brand went to them for a couple of models that were assembled in the (now owned by Tesla) NUMMI Freemont factory. GM learned a whole lot of lessons there, but took them years of poor leadership and a bankruptcy to follow Toyota’s management style. Fairly certain everything coming out of GM now comes from trade skills handed to them by Toyota at the NUMMI factory

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