Mobile Detailing At Home Or Work

Car Detailing Seattle

Don’t take time out of your day to get your car detailed. Let us come to you. We’ll do a full wash and wax and detail at your own home or place of work!

Interior & Upholstery

Car interiors can gather up a lot of dirt and grime over time. Vacuuming alone is not enough. We take great care to remove stains and deep clean your carpets and headliner. Hot water extraction removes years of dirt build up. We'll clean and condition your leather seats as well.

Exterior & Paint

With the experienced touch of a professional, your cars paint will take on an entirely new level of brilliance. You haven't seen your car look this good since it was on the showroom floor. Take our premium hand wash with a tire shine and add in a crystal clear window cleaning for a perfect exterior finish.

Classics & Exotics Welcome

Clay Bar

Clay bar removes paint contaminants for an other worldly shine.

Steam Extraction

Hot water extraction penetrates deep into carpets to remove dirt and grime

Crystal Clear Windows

Enjoy brilliantly clear windows with zero smudges and smears.

Slow Hand Wash

Get your car washed the old fashion way, By hand. Nothing quite matches it.

Wheel Clean & Dress

Deep black tires and shiney wheels make a car look brand new off the lot.

Wax Application

Professional wax application repels road dirt and protects your paint for months.

Detailing Packages

We have 3 detailing packages to choose from. Level 1 is geared towards regular maintenance while levels 2 & 3 will remove long term accumulation of dirt and grime. If it's been a year or more since your last detail, it's best to start with level 3. From there we can discuss a regular maintenance schedule.

Level 1 Detail Package


Package Details
  • Premium hand wash
  • Wheel and tire detail
  • Door jam detail
  • Intense vacuum
  • Intricate complete wipe down
  • Crystal clear window clean and shine

Level 2 Premium Package


Package Details
  • Everything  from level 1 plus...
  • Spot stain removal on carpeting and upholstery
  • Leather seat clean and condition
  • Upholstery steam clean
  • Weather mat clean + detail
  • Paint refreshing clay bar
  • 3 month wax protectant

Level 3 Elite Package


Package Details
  • Everything from level 1 & 2 plus...
  • Complete carpet + headliner steam clean
  • Full interior carpet + upholstery extraction
  • Ventilation steam clean
  • Exterior paint enhancing machine polish.


100% Mobile Detailing

Eco Friendly 

We use only the best CARPRO automotive detailing compounds available. This allows us to achieve an eco friendly finish that is a cut above the competition.

Schedule Yearly And Save

Save the hassle of remembering to schedule your next detail by subscribing to a yearly service plan. Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service available.

  • Discounts for subscription clients
  • Easy payment options
  • Hassle free appointments
“I've been coming here and every time I get great customer service. I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants a hand car wash for their vehicle. From dirty to spotless!”
“The guys with Seattle Mobile Detail did an AWESOME job! My car looks fantastic and I'll be back for sure”

“Excellent, efficient and friendly service. Thanks for the great work. My car looks brand new :)”

"I got the interior and exterior done and let's just say I was happy with the results. The price was reasonable too.”

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